Monday, July 20, 2015

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

open, play, and download ANY flash videos with FLV Media Player

Here's a flash media player that probably will beat all other flash player application out there, performance-wise. The FLV Media Player can open any flash video file and download it within seconds. Its no-fuss, lightweight and sleek design add to its appeal, and if you haven't tried it yet, you just don't know what you're missing.

download flv player here.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Store and Share Your Files here for FREE

Upload up to 100mb files of any type (photos, documents, videos, etc.) and share it with anyone! Or choose any file to download from the list below, its free for all!
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Office Interior 101

Add hype to that boring office corner with stylish and functional accessories and furniture. Here are a few ideas to do that:

  • Create an inviting space in one corner with stylish panels, and spruce it up with a magazine rack or book shelf and a cozy leather couch. This would make a great waiting area for your office.
  • Take a couple of barhocker leder and a chrome table and arrange it in a corner. Voila! You have an instant "unwinding" area where you can take your eyes off that computer for a while and have a break.
  • Got a collection you want to show off? Arrange them togethere in a divider or wall cabinet and place them that awkward corner you can see all the time. It will be a good source of inspiration and motivation for you.
  • Waste bins need not always be hidden behind the doors or under tables. Find a unique and interesting container from flea markets or garage sales and make that your waste bin, or you can make one if you are creative. Your waste bin will no longer be an eyesore, but a sight for sore eyes.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Coffee Table Furniture

For those who has a fashion and love in designing their home, here is the latest trend in furniture design exclusively in Design Couchtisch. One furniture design which there feature on their homepage was the coffee table design made for people who are coffeeholic. Just some of the more unusual taste or the particular sense of style in the furniture store are sometimes not well served. So if for the living room at home, a business premises or the hip in location would like to buy a special table, which should grab coffee table into a design. And there a lots of designs which play in an entirely different league that the design pieces from so-called design shops, although not mass produced but are still manufactured in a slightly larger quantity.


Buy and Sell NBA/NFL Jerseys

Its football and basketball season once again, and people are flocking the malls for jerseys showing off their favorite NFL/NBA team and/or hero. If you're an entrepreneur and your mental wheels are working, then the idea of cashing in on this fad would have already crossed your mind. Buy and sell jerseys!

So you have your business idea and you have your market. All you need is a cheap source.

If you have done a bit of shopping online, you will find that the online shopping giants don't usually have the cheapest prices. You will be lucky if you can find anything around $5. And mostly, the designs are just blaah. Remember, in buying for resale, you don't just consider the amount/quantity but the quality as well.

So where do you Buy Cheap Jerseys online?

At, you don't only get a wide selection of inexpensive, well-designed jersey, but quality jersey materials as well. Price ranges from $2.20 to as low as $0.68 per jersey! Can it get cheaper than that? To see for yourself, visit


Sunday, June 20, 2010

bloghatter: a review

I have never heard of auto-blogging. Until 5 minutes ago.

Auto-blogging uses a software to automatically create and post blogs for you. If you are into blogging for money, this could be a very good solution for you. Imagine being able to post numerous blogs a day without going into a lot of brain-draining and tedious writing to do! This could be what they call, making money while sleeping!

One such software is Donato's bloghatter. It boasts of a powerful set of tools that enables you to, among other things; import PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, search and import images and videos from popular image and video servers such as flickr and youtube, create blogs in languages other than English, rewrite articles using the synonyms and replacement tool, and most of all, post blogs using the most popular platforms: blogger and wordpress.

With a feature-rich auto-blogging software such as this, you can expect to profit from your blog in no time. If you want to check it out, you can download the bloghatter demo version here.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Youtube views, anyone?

Youtube has become a very powerful publicity tool for many entertainment artists and advertisers today. Having a million views for your videos here means a big leap to global popularity, since Youtube is renowned worldwide.and this is why many users of this site is opting to buy Youtube Views to increase video views and acquire ratings and subscribers.

You can buy Youtube views from many websites, however you must be careful about how they generate views. Most systems generate views by using bots and scripts. You will not get this at, where they provide not only real page views, but premium subscribers, ratings, comments, and favorites as well. Check them out now!