Thursday, August 27, 2009

theNetrepreneurs Widgets: Free Useful Widgets for Your Blog

Put these useful Netrepreneur widgets on your site. They are free to use and distribute, as long as you don't change any part of the codes except for the configurable parameters indicated below. If you wish to have these widgets fit your blog 's look and feel, just post a comment below provide the details as to the colors and size that you require and I will customize the code fo you for free. Just don't forget to link to us or blog about us. :)
2 Easy Steps to install the codes on your blog:
  1. Right click inside the box and select all and copy.
  2. Go to your blog/site html/javascript editor and paste the code where you want it to appear.
    If you are using blogger, go to your Dashboard/Layout/Page Elements then click Add Gadget. Choose Html/javascript from the list of widgets, then paste the code to the box provided. Click Save. After that, you will be taken back to the Page Elements page whre you can preview and save your blog changes.

NetFeed Widget:

Be updated with the latest content from theNetrepreneurs through a dynamic feed (example on the top left of. Put this widget into your blog and be able to track the latest Work-at-Home Programs, Get-Paid-to Programs, and free blogging tutorials and resources without leaving your blog.

Configurable Parameters: height, width, alignment, font, colors

NetJob Widget

This widget, shown on the left sidebar here at theNetrepreneurs, will display the latest Freelancers Projects open for bidding from With this widget, you will be one of the firsts to bid on the project of your choice and thus, will have a better chance to win in the bidding. Don't have an account yet? Create your freelancer account now and start bidding!

Configurable Parameters: height, width, alignment, font,colors

NetTalk Widget

Put the NetTalk fully featured chatbox on your blog or website. This powerful chatbox will enable you to chat live with your visitors, exchange links, share videos and pictures right on your blog! A great way to add community to your blog all with just a single code.

Configurable Parameters:height, width, alignment, font, colors

We will be adding more widgets here.. So don't forget to come back and check them out.


abyan said...

i like the netTalk widget.. can i change the title and the colors for my blog? thank you.

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