Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get-Paid-To : Write

If you can express yourself well in writing, you will have more opportunity to earn here in the worldwide web than anybody else. A great number of websites are offering earning opportunities for those who love (or live) to write- may it be articles, reviews, blogs, and how-to guides or tutorials. Depending on your expertise, interest and dedication, you can earn as much as $50.00 per day. These programs are selected with the International Netrepreneurs in mind so you wont have to worry about these programs being EU or US biased.

Below are a few of these sites that will pay you to write for them. Join one or all of them. That's really up to you. If you are not much into writing but knows some people who do. these sites also have some great referral program that will get you earning in no time.

Paid-To-Write Articles

Associated Content : Though Upfront Payment is currently limited to US writers, there are still many ways that writing for AC can be worthwhile. All of the content you publish can earn you money via Performance Payments, which currently pays a baseline PPM rate of $1.50 for every thousand page views your content receives.

Helium : Helium has a ratings system that lets their writers earn writing stars based on their overall writing percentage. Published or previously written blogs are allowed as long as the the writer can attest to his/her ownership of the item. Non-US writers can join too.

Triond : This is a great program for both aspiring and professional writers. You get 50% on the total montly revenue that each of your original article generated, and as long as your article receives page views, you continue to earn with it.

Paid-To-Write Blogs

Xomba : With Xomba, you set up your own Google Adsense account (or use your existing one) and they split profits with you, from legitimate clicks on your articles. Everything you write on Xomba gets placed into powerful search engines which deliver an audience for your work. Your chance to earn money comes from this audience. If you don't believe us, ask our users." Check it out.

Squidoo : Writers here earn through lenses they create and develop. Create one or more lenses on almost anything you want or care about. Squidoo splits its ad revenues and affiliate earnings with its members, which means that the more lenses you make, the greater your earning potential.

HubPages : HubPages is a great place to share with the world what you know. You can design pages with text and image modules to tell your story in an exciting way. HubPages is a mixture of blogging, writing, and designing a webpage. Earn money tons of ways, like from Google, Amazon, in-line text ads, etc.

Paid-To-Write Reviews

ReviewStream : They pay you $2.00 for every approved review in any topic. Processing of the submitted reviews take up to 72 hours, afterwhich you will be sent a notice of its publication. There is no limit as to how many reviews you cans submit. Payout is through Paypal, when the $50.00 minimum is reached.

Sponsored Reviews : If you are a blogger interested in getting paid to blog, you will find that SponsoredReviews has hundreds of advertisers willing to pay you to do reviews of their sites. All you need is a blog that is at least 3 months old with original content. You set the price for your reviews so this means that you can earn as much as you like!

Review Me

Paid-To-Write Guides/tutorials

Bukisa : This site pays you to $4.00 for every 1000 unique views your how-to article/video/slide gets. The more popular your item is, the greater your revenues wil be. What's nice about this site is you can post already published content here, as long as it is YOUR own content.

HowHub : Write how-to articles for HowHub and earn 50% of the Adshare revenue. How-to articles are fun to write and gets alot of attention based on keywords. Get paid additional money when you get your friends to sign up.

Tutorial Tub : Get paid to write tutorials about anything. From planning a vacation to Ireland, to making pizza, the possibilities are endless! Very easy to get started and it's absolutely FREE. Your earnings are 50% on the google ad revenues.

Tutorial9 : They are looking for talented individuals to contribute articles If you’re skilled with Photoshop, Photography, or Blogging, you will be paid $150 to $300 for your work.


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