Monday, August 3, 2009

Work at Home Programs

The Internet today has become a virtual money-generating machine because of its great market capacity and community reach. WAH or Work-At-Home programs are earning opportunities open to everyone with a computer and an internet connection. Starting from the simplest data entry to copywriting through Internet marketing and Goggle Adsense and highly skilled programming jobs, there are numerous opportunities for everyon looking out for ideas and avenues for online income.

Below is a list of Jobs you can do at home, at your own pace and time.

Data Entry

Data Research/Development/Analysis
Data Transcription
Data Processing
Proof Reading
Web Designing
Product Testing

What are freelancing sites?

At this time it is quite feasible to make a substantial amount of income working from home using your computer and the best way is to start is by registering at freelance sites and get projects from there. It is free to join these sites and you dont have to worry about finding clients or projects since these sites are quite established and trusted.

Getafreelancer (GAF)
Scriptlance (SL)

There are thousands of sites offering Work-at-Home opportunities and quick earning opportunities here in the worldwideweb, but most of them are scams and should be avoided. Please see the article Work-at-Home Scams: Avoiding the Mudholes

Why work as a freelance?

By working as a freelancer, you can choose the projects/job that best suits your interest and are within your scope of expertise and capacity. You will also be able to work at your own pace and time at the comfort of your own place. Working as a freelancer however, entails time, effort, and dedication, especially if you want to have a good worker rating and feedback record. If you want to make a decemt living out of freelancing, then you will have to spend 8 or more hours at these sites and bid on as many projects as you can, since there is no guarantee that you'll win each project that you bid on.

On the other hand, if you just want to make some extra money on the internet via doing part time jobs, you can do so whenever you have spare time. You can work for a few hours on the weekends or you can spend an hour or so everyday after your regular job/class is over.In the beginning of your freelance career, your goal will be to win your first freelance project. You do this by bidding for the job that you are interested and have expertise in. Earning comes in when a project is succesfully completed.

How much can i earn?

How much you earn is dependent on each project you bid on and how many projects you are able to take. This means that the more projects you are able to win and complete, the greater your earnings will be. Your earning capacity is only limited by the time and effort that you are willing to invest on your work.

Note however, that though the above Freelancing sites doesn't require a registration/joining fee, they do take a small everytime a project is done and the client pays for it. Check the site's Terms of Service (TOS) for this.

How do i get paid?

There are many payment options available for freelancers. The most popular of which are PayPal and MoneyBookers. You can obtain free accounts from these trusted payment processors.

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