Friday, September 11, 2009

Paid To: Socialize

Get paid for socializing? Absolutely!
All you need to do is sign up with one or all of the 10 sites below to start earning for doing the things you usually do on social networks - post blogs, comment, upload pictures and videos, join groups, etc. The more active you are, the greater your earnings/rewards will be.

Mypage5 is a versatile new website where social networking meets entertainment. Combining 5 popular applications, members can choose their level of immersion and interact with the world from the convenience of a unique member profile. MyPage5 believes in rewarding it's members so has implemented a revenue sharing system. All members receive a perccentage of MyPage5's advertising revenue. You get paid to socialise!

HelloHello is launching in a couple of days and launching BIG! It is a social network that incorporates all the applications essential to networking: instant messaging, blogging, forum, photos, videos, music and much, much more. Get points for every task you do on HelloHello.Net - POINTS can be converted to cash or Paid memberships. Start up for free via a friend. Get POINTS when you upload and share photos, chat and video chat with other members worldwide, upload videos, communicate with all your Twitter & Facebook friends here, post blogs PLUS win prizes.

Yuwie is a popular revenue-sharing social network that pays its users for every page view their profile and content generates. It has twitter integration, photo and video sharing, chat, forums, and clubs which you can join to drive traffic to your pages.

Myviewin is similar to Yuwie, paying its members for recruiting new members to join the network and generate traffic. Aside from this, it also has ad revenue and profit sharing scheme for its members. You instantyly get 5$ just for signing up!

Flixya offers 100% ad revenue sharing to members who have Google Adsense account. If you are an existing Adsense publisher, you can earn money by creating contents in Flixya.

ViralNetworks is a social marketing platform, enabling its members to earn points from every activities they do on the site. These activities include writing blogs, commenting, reading mails, updating status and posting classifieds. Here, you can freely market your program/business to your downlines and contacts, all the while getting credits from them. The 25 top credit earners get $25.00 each month.

The Weblo Virtual World is the only online community that is duplicating the real world. It's free to join this online virtual world & free to own celebrity profiles or build your online investment portfolio. Own virtual properties (real estate, domain names, even celebrities) and earn REAL money from them! The more popular your properties are, the higher they are valued and the greater your earnings. This unique concept started 1999 and and is one of the pioneers in the revenue-sharing concepts in social networking.

Me2Everyone is another social network on pre-launch. It promises to be a huge semi-3D world where you can meet friends, chat, shop, play, watch cool videos, create a photo or art gallery, launch your own record label, open a virtual newspaper, buy a virtual house, protect the environment and even make money from your own online store. As you unlock financial benefits or buy an in-world business you can make hundreds or thousands of real world Euros, Pounds or Dollars.

Socints You get points for being Social, and then redeem them for Rewards such as $10.00 to your PayPal/AlertPay, 10,000 additional points, Ipods, and more.

6dgr is a fast-growing social business that offers the customizable fun and useful features you would expect from a normal social network, and also actually pays Active Members to develop networks of Active friends, family and business associates! Active Members can make money - real money, not just a few cents - from their own activities and the activities of the networks they build. The 6dgr approach is simple, easy to understand, and fun to be part of - no hard to understand payout rules, no complex matrix, just a straight down the line opportunity to make friends and make money and have fun doing so.


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