Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy and Sell NBA/NFL Jerseys

Its football and basketball season once again, and people are flocking the malls for jerseys showing off their favorite NFL/NBA team and/or hero. If you're an entrepreneur and your mental wheels are working, then the idea of cashing in on this fad would have already crossed your mind. Buy and sell jerseys!

So you have your business idea and you have your market. All you need is a cheap source.

If you have done a bit of shopping online, you will find that the online shopping giants don't usually have the cheapest prices. You will be lucky if you can find anything around $5. And mostly, the designs are just blaah. Remember, in buying for resale, you don't just consider the amount/quantity but the quality as well.

So where do you Buy Cheap Jerseys online?

At, you don't only get a wide selection of inexpensive, well-designed jersey, but quality jersey materials as well. Price ranges from $2.20 to as low as $0.68 per jersey! Can it get cheaper than that? To see for yourself, visit


teb said...

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