Friday, July 9, 2010

Office Interior 101

Add hype to that boring office corner with stylish and functional accessories and furniture. Here are a few ideas to do that:

  • Create an inviting space in one corner with stylish panels, and spruce it up with a magazine rack or book shelf and a cozy leather couch. This would make a great waiting area for your office.
  • Take a couple of barhocker leder and a chrome table and arrange it in a corner. Voila! You have an instant "unwinding" area where you can take your eyes off that computer for a while and have a break.
  • Got a collection you want to show off? Arrange them togethere in a divider or wall cabinet and place them that awkward corner you can see all the time. It will be a good source of inspiration and motivation for you.
  • Waste bins need not always be hidden behind the doors or under tables. Find a unique and interesting container from flea markets or garage sales and make that your waste bin, or you can make one if you are creative. Your waste bin will no longer be an eyesore, but a sight for sore eyes.


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