Sunday, June 20, 2010

bloghatter: a review

I have never heard of auto-blogging. Until 5 minutes ago.

Auto-blogging uses a software to automatically create and post blogs for you. If you are into blogging for money, this could be a very good solution for you. Imagine being able to post numerous blogs a day without going into a lot of brain-draining and tedious writing to do! This could be what they call, making money while sleeping!

One such software is Donato's bloghatter. It boasts of a powerful set of tools that enables you to, among other things; import PLR (Private Label Rights) articles, search and import images and videos from popular image and video servers such as flickr and youtube, create blogs in languages other than English, rewrite articles using the synonyms and replacement tool, and most of all, post blogs using the most popular platforms: blogger and wordpress.

With a feature-rich auto-blogging software such as this, you can expect to profit from your blog in no time. If you want to check it out, you can download the bloghatter demo version here.


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