Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Paid To: Post Content

Paid to Post (PtP) Programs are the most interactive among the GPT programs. Its most popular platform are online community forums which pay their members for the traffic and content they generate on their sites.

Redgage is a newly established PtP program that lets its members earn from every unique page views that their content receives. Accepted contents are blogs, photos, videos, documents and links. You can even automatically upload your content from other sites like Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Flickr as well as your updates from Tweeter. A Redgage member also earns points from every activity he/she makes on the site, and this includes rating, commenting, and making friends. These points are automatically converted to entries for the daily, weekly and monthly contests where lucky winners get the chance to win $25, $50, or $200. A Redgage Visa Card will be issued when a minimum of $25 earnings is reached.

Mylot is a PtP forum that lets you earn from posting topics and joining discussions. Discussions are categorized by interest, from general issues to favorite food to making money If your topic does not belong to any category, you can always create a new one, and you get points for that as well. You can also earn from completing simple tasks created by other mylotters. Minimum payout is $25 through check or PayPal.

When joining these programs, you MUST keep in mind the ff. general rules:
  • No posting of PLAGIARIZED content. Plagiarized content are content from another site or by another person, and this include photos, videos, blogs and documents. In short, you can NOT post what is NOT yours.
  • Don't SPAM. Never spam another person's content or page. It will get you banned in no time.
  • QUALITY vs QUANTITY. As much as you would really want your earnings to reach 6 digits in a day, it won't help to post junk. A single content with a hundred positive rating or comment is far better than a hundred posts without a single feedback.
  • Be SINCERE when commenting and rating. When you have to criticize, do it positively, and refrain from flagging as much as you can. Just because you're not getting anything doesn't mean you have to drag others down with you.


francis guzman said...

I am already a member of Mylot. Is Redgage similar to Mylot?

By the way, can i join your group? thanks

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