Saturday, August 29, 2009

Online Freelancing Tips and Tricks

A newbie in online freelancing? Here are a few but very important things to keep in mind when seeking and bidding for your first few freelance projects:

  • REMEMBER to enter professional looking information in all fields of your profile; people [most of them] will see your profile, before they will give you any work. So make a decent looking profile.
  • REALITY CHECK: it is very difficult to win your first freelance projet. Competition is tough, so be prepared to throw the lowest bid. That is, until you have established a good ranking and have gained positive feedbacks from your clients/buyers. All freelance sites have a rating/feedback system. When a person completes a job, he/she then gets a rating/feedback. The more jobs a person do, the more ratings/feedbacks he/she will get.
  • COMMUNICATION with buyers is the most important part of freelancing. You have to send private message to buyers as soon as you place your bid. Without communication with buyers, your chances of winning a project are very slim.
  • NEVER put your contact information in your private messages at these freelancing sites. They will terminate/suspend your account if they find any contact info in PM.
  • BE ALERT. The only hope for new-comers to win projects is to catch the newly opened projects. If you are the first one to place a bid on the project, then your chances of winning that project increases significantly.

Your first few projects will be hard to get and far between, but once you have gained positive worker feedback and established a good reputation, buyers will be the ones seeking and requesting for your services.

To see a list of current freelance Job/Project openings, see the list on Netjobs widget or click here


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