Monday, August 24, 2009

Thanks for The Invitation

To the administrators of the Netrepreneurs, it is my honor to be invited as one of your bloggers. My name is Dennis Blancaflor, 30 years old, a UP Manila undergrad, I am a former online English instructor working for Korean companies.
Though I have to admit that I am a newbie when it comes to both being a blogger and an entrepreneur, I was inspired by people who succeeded in promoting their business through the Internet. I have just started my hot mami business last month and I'm also planning to promote my siomai business. With my family's help we were able to have a small mami stall just in front of our house. My blog's objectives is to promote our business and also to inspire other unemployed people like me to start up a small business.Just like the saying goes,"Great things come from small beginnings."


netrepreneur said...

You are welcome Dennis. Netrepreneurs is all about small and new entrepreneurs sharing ideas struggles and successes, and supporting each other online. :)

We are looking forward to your future posts here. Good lick with your new-found entrepreneurial career, Maybe we'll get to own a framchise of your mami business some day...:)

Winchester said...

Hello, Dennis =) Welcome to netrepreneurs.
Good luck to all your endeavors.

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