Sunday, July 19, 2009

How-To: Get a FREE DEBIT CARD to Validate your PAYPAL Account

Here is a marvelous way of getting your PAYPAL verified and getting your online earnings. Its thru PAYONEER mastercard, and its totally FREE.

Please follow this instruction, step by step exactly. So you wont be confused and have to start all over again. I know it may seem tedious but there's just no way around it and anyway, its really worth it..You will learn for yourself about the BENEFITS while you are on the entire process of getting your free debit card.

1. First you need to register HERE
this is more or less like a MYSPACE?FRIENDSTER but with affiliate program,

2. After you fill in your sign up form. Click JOIN and Go to your email to verify your account. And click Activate Now.

3. Don’t forget to change your password. So you wont have difficulties to remember it some other time. .(You can use the PAYONEER to earn more money from this site, by joining their affiliate programs if ever you want more $$$).

Log off / Sign out of your Friendfinder account.

4. Next step, click HERE

5. Click Option 1 (on the left side you can see option pragrams choose "OPTION 1")

6. You are now signing up for the affiliate program.

  • For URL Leave it Blank, if you have a website, then put it there
  • for business tax classification Leave it Blank,
  • for Tax ID leave it blank.
  • for Phone number. use the format countrycode+areacode+phone#
  • for Use Passport, choose NO.
  • for Your comment , just put anything.
  • Accept the agreement, etc etc, and click Submit.

7. After that find the link "click Account Information , Click here to update your information"

8. You are now in your affiliate Account settings. There will be an option that will let you use Payoneer. click it.

the link says "Click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard"

You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.

9. Sign up to Payoneer using REAL information so you will not have any trouble when using your card in your future transactions. It will also help if you read the terms of use before you check it.

10. Complete the final sign up process and wait for 2 working days for their verification email of your order. from there you will be informed when the card will be delivered. and THATS it!

They will send a card to your address. (That is why I specified about using real info when signing up). Along with it are instruction as to how you can activate the card and use it online.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)


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