Saturday, July 18, 2009

Get $15 For Your "ePIFfunny" is an upfront pay site that will pay you $15 if your story is chosen to be posted on their site. And how can your story be considered as an 'ePIFfunny"?

According to the site , an " ePIFfunny" must meet the following qualifications:

  1. It must be based on an actual experience.
  2. It must be funny, clever or insightful.
  3. It should not be in the form of a "this is the way it is" or "this is the way it should be" lecture. Rather, it must help the reader gain an "epiphany" or represent an "epiphany" on the part of the writer.
  4. It must meet the "So what?" test. In other words, it must be significant.
  5. It must not be offensive.
  6. It must be original.

An average of five submissions will be chosen as "Guest ePIFfunnies". Readers will have the chance to vote for the "ePIFfunny of the Week". The winner will then receive a copy of the already published ePIFfunnies book.

Based on the samples posted on the site, your story does not have to be very long, what matters is that it must meet the given qualifications. For more information and samples of stories, visit

If you think you have a personal experience that qualifies as an "ePIFfunny" then try submitting your story; who knows, you might get an extra $15 for it !


Anonymous said...

wow.. i'll check out the site. Thanks for the post...

Winchester said...

you're welcome, 'anonymous'. hope to hear your thoughts about the site. i can assure that the site is legit 'cause i have been paid by them. hope you can come by and visit our blog again soon. have a nice day !

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