Tuesday, May 26, 2009

WAH Scams: Avoiding the Mudholes

The worldwideweb has become more than a tool for communication and information today. It also has become a source of profit and income, a gold mine for those who know their way around the internet superhighway. Many has found their niche online, and are earning more than anybody in their employed lifetime could. This is what people like you and i are hoping to stumble upom, our little golden niches.

if finding our own little gold mines is possible, so is stumbling on mudholes and booby traps called SCAMS. They come in different forms and urls, and some may not be as obvious as othere. Most of them however, has 4 these four words in common: QUICK EASY BIG CASH.

Here are a few tell-tale signs of a Work-At-Home Scam:

Most of the jobs requiring initial investments under the category of onetime registration fees or deposits are likely to be frauds. Beware that such fees and deposits are likely to be valid for a fixed period of few months to three years and therefore you have to shell out further amounts after every 12-18 months to renew your membership.

Many of the companies collect hefty amounts under the pretext of assured jobs but they rarely manage to provide regular jobs and income.

Offers that says ‘earn money sitting at home by doing simple work and without any qualifications’ often ask for sign up fees. Payouts for many of such offers are so meager that you cannot recover your sign up fees even after six to eight months, which ultimately, would make you frustrated and give up.

Some of the companies offer incentives on referrals and thereby collect huge amounts on registration fees from thousands of members. Ultimately, most of the companies and websites just vanish into thin air after a short period.

Some of the websites would direct you to affiliate marketing links, MLM (multi level marketing) or even Ponzi schemes.

So, how do we avoid falling into these mudholes?

NEVER fall prey to the memberships of easy-money schemes because you would not only waste your time on unproductive activities but also waste your money by way of registration fees, deposit and Internet charges. Scammers are always looking out for gullible and unemployed youths.

THINK of one real-life situation. When you take up an offline employment with any company, you pay any fees to the employers or the employers pay you a salary? Therefore, never rely on sites that demand upfront registration fees.

COLLECT as much information as possible about the company and the websites you are likely to sign up. Make sure that there is a real person or entity behind the particular company by verifying the address and telephone numbers. If the site has no contact numbers, it is best to avoid it.

TALK to the real people and ascertain about the genuineness and existence of the company and the business that has offered you the chance to earn online incomes.

AVOID the schemes that assure you loads of money just by stuffing envelopes at home and other ideas where you are not required to do anything. If you feel that you are offered abnormally high compensation not commensurate with the output, skills and results, you could take it for granted that there is something fishy.

Most of the easy-money and fast cash schemes are too good to be true. Always keep in mind the old adage ‘No Meal Comes Free’.

To see a list of reorted Scam sites, click here.


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