Friday, May 29, 2009

GPT : Get-Paid-To Programs

GPT or Get-Paid-To are programs in the worldwide web that pays people to do things (e.g.: write articles, click links, participate in discussions) in exchange for content and/or traffic for their sites. In simplier words, these programs pay you to do things you USUALLY DO or are ALREADY DOING on the internet and anybody who can understand english and has internet access can easily take part in these programs and earn.

Earnings vary from 1 cent to a hundred dollars, and paid mostly through PayPal (see the payment FAQs of the program for these details). Like Work-at-Home programs, the income potential is unlimited, depending entirely on your dedication and diligence (and of course, your internet connection).

Below are types of GPT programs you can choose from. The links will take you to another page discussing that particular GPT program and a number of recommended/legitimate under that category.

PAID TO WRITE : This is the highest paying GPT program. If you are skilled in writing blogs, reviews, and/or has a chestful of old, unpublish articles, poems, essays or any original literary item, you can cash in on your talent by submitting your works to these programs.

PAID TO POST : Here, you get paid to post content (blogs, discussions, comments) to a website of forum. This type of GPT is a favorite among bloggers and forum lovers.

PAID TO SOCIALIZE : Are you one of those who frequent MySpace, Friendster, Tag, or other social net working sites? Did you know that there are sites that will pay you to socialize, view profiles, post comments, and share pictures? Yes, there are and they are quite legit too.

PAID TO CLICK : This is the most popular among the GPT programs nowadays. Probably because it is the easiest; there is no skill involved except mouse-clicking links and banners. The more you click, the more you earn - it's as simple as that.

PAID TO READ : Here, you can get paid by receiving and reading emails from advertisers. Like PTCs, there is nothing else to do here other than click the link and viewing/reading the email you get.

PAID TO SHARE FILES : These programs pay you to upload files and share them. Files could mean photos, music, videos, documents, presentations, and/or even large archived files and torrents.

PAID TO SEARCH : These programs pay you to use their search engine. Some may require you to download their search toolbar (like Yahoo toolbar) and if you're okay with that, then go ahead.

PAID TO JOIN/REGISTER/SIGN UP : Simply join these programs and you automatically earn bonuses. Just refer to each site's FAQs and TOS (Terms of Service) for more details.

PAID TO DO SIMPLE TASKS : These sites offer a variety of ways for you to earn. They are usually a combination of PTC, PTR, PTJ, and other simple GPT tasks.

PAID TO SURF : Mostly composed of Traffic and Banner Exchange sites, these programs lets you earn points convertible to page hits or cash. A great way to gather page impressions and clicks on your Adsense.

It is relatively easy to start an internet piggybank and get it growing through these GPT programs. Start with the programs that you are most likely enjoy doing, and you're well on your way to a more rewarding online living.

We are constantly updating the pages here so come back regularly for more new programs.


editha said...

I am a member of most of those sites mentioned above and yes, I am earning quite a substantial income from them. It just takes a lot of hard work, patience and networking. :)

Backlinks for Websites said...

Quite an impressive collection of links you have here.. I too am member of some sites you mentioned but there are many programs that are still new to me. I think I will try them.

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